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This book is a comprehensive manual on the bulk cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms, using do-it-yourself equipment made of common materials wherever possible. It walks you through every step of the procedure, providing easy-to-follow instructions, essential information, and useful advice about growing these magical fungi using a simple and economical methodology.

This book provides hundreds of photos and diagrams to help you understand the process—also offering helpful resources for sourcing equipment and materials. Advanced procedures are also presented, allowing for rapid progression from the basics to more sophisticated methods of cloning and growing with agar.


Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation is available for purchase as a paperback from Amazon.com. Booksellers can order through Ingram or any of their distribution partners.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1. Overview

Chapter 2. Aseptic Technique

2.1 Guide: Making a Still-Air Box (SAB)
2.2 Guide: Making a Spirit Burner

Chapter 3. From Spores to Grain

3.1 Guide: Preparing a Spore Syringe
3.2 Discussion: Grain Jars – Jar Lid Customization
3.3 Guide: Jar Lid Customization – Synthetic Cushion Filler
3.4 Guide: Jar Lid Customization – Self-Healing Injection Ports
3.5 Guide: Jar Lid Customization – Compressed Felt Disks
3.6 Discussion: Grain Medium (Wild Birdseed)
3.7 Guide: Grain Medium – Soaking Grain and Loading Jars
3.8 Guide: Grain Medium – Pressure Cooker Sterilization
3.9 Guide: Grain Medium – Spore Syringe Inoculation
3.10 Discussion: Spawn Bags as an Alternative to Jars
3.11 Guide: Spawn Bags – Preparation, Sterilization and Inoculation
3.12 Discussion: Storing Inoculated Grain
3.13 Discussion: Contamination on Grain

Chapter 4. From Grain to Bulk Substrate

4.1 Discussion: The Fruiting Chamber
4.2 Guide: Constructing a Monotub Fruiting Chamber
4.3 Discussion: Growing with Bulk Substrate
4.4 Guide: Bulk Substrate – Calculating Volumes
4.5 Discussion: Bulk Substrate – Pasteurization
4.6 Guide: Bulk Substrate Pasteurization – Bucket Method
4.7 Guide: Bulk Substrate Pasteurization – Stove-Top Method
4.8 Guide: Estimating Field Capacity
4.9 Guide: Bulk Substrate – Spawning to Bulk
4.10 Discussion: Monotub Operation – Colonization
4.11 Discussion: GE versus FAE
4.12 Discussion: Casing Layers
4.13 Guide: Applying a Casing Layer

Chapter 5. Fruiting

5.1 Discussion: Fruiting Bulk Substrate
5.2 Guide: Fruiting Bulk Substrate
5.3 Discussion: Fruit Formation (…Pins! …Pins Everywhere!)
5.4 Discussion: Monotub Operation – Fuiting

Chapter 6. Harvest Time

6.1 Discussion: Spore Prints
6.2 Guide: Making Spore Prints
6.3 Discussion: Harvesting
6.4 Discussion: Drying and Storage
6.5 Discussion: Yield
6.6 Discussion: Additional Flushes
6.7 Guide: Dunking

Chapter 7. Beyond the Basics

7.1 Discussion: Strain Isolation and Growing with Agar
7.2 Guide: Agar Preparation and Pouring Petri Dishes
7.3 Guide: Simple Cloning Method
7.4 Guide: Simple Subculturing Method
7.5 Discussion: Contamination on Agar
7.6 Guide: Agar-to-Grain Transfers
7.7 Discussion: Grain-to-Grain Transfers
7.8 Guide: Grain to Grain Transfers
7.9 Guide: Making Agar Slants
7.10 Discussion: HEPA-Filter Flow Hood
7.11 Guide: Constructing a HEPA-Filter Flow Hood – Calculations
7.12 Guide: Constructing a HEPA-Filter Flow Hood – Assembly

Chapter 8. Additional Resources

8.1 Sourcing Materials and Equipment
8.2 Unit Conversion Guides
8.3 Magic Mushroom Cultivation Timeline