Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide - Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation

Learn to grow Psilocybe cubensis with this comprehensive guide book

  • Complete bulk cultivation

    Complete bulk cultivation

    Every stage of the grow process covered from start to finish. Dozens of step-by-step guides, hundreds of images and diagrams.

  • Ideal for all skill levels

    Ideal for all skill levels

    Whether you're a first time mushroom cultivator or an experienced mycologist, you will find useful and detailed information in this book.

  • Advanced growing methods

    Advanced growing methods

    Quickly progress to advanced growing methods. Grow with agar, make clones and learn about strain isolation.

  • Build essential equipment

    Build essential equipment

    Comprehensive instructions for making or sourcing all necessary equipment and materials.

  • Focus on modern methods

    Focus on modern methods

    Only grow with high yielding cultivation methods.

harvesting mushrooms

The complete cultivation process

Suitable for beginners and experienced growers

Essential basic information for beginners plus advanced methods and equipment that will benefit experienced growers.

  • Make your own spore syringes from a spore print
  • Prepare grain and carry out inoculations
  • Mix bulk substrate and spawn to bulk
  • Optimize your monotub fruiting chamber
  • Collect genetic material in the form of spore prints and cloned tissue for future use
  • Improve yields through cloning and strain isolation. Build a library of high performing strains.
  • Build essential equipment including comprehensive flowhood construction plans


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